• Transform your event with Mood Lighting

    This is currently our most popular service to use as an “add-on” to our disco package. Mood/atmosphere lighting is a cost effective way to add colour, atmosphere and transform the look and feel of your venue. Venue lighting often leaves the room dark and dull, and leaves guests underwhelmed as they walk in to a room. The dim yellow glow of standard light bulbs can have a complete contrasting effect to any decoration and detailing you add to your venue; as stunning as your table decorations are, if you don’t have the room lit correctly, these features may be overlooked and discarded.

    It is hugely important to light your venue effectively. Using different colours can be used to stimulate particular moods and emotions, fading through a selection of colours can give guests a relaxed feeling, whilst having your lighting flash in time to your music can help stimulate a party atmosphere amongst your guest. Our mood lighting packages can be tailored to your requirements. You can have as many, or as little, units as you want. We will also work with you to choose the colours that are most suited to create the atmosphere you are trying to create.

    When our mood lighting is placed up against a wall, it will completely light the area in the colours of your choice. This means that this package is great if your venue is plain, or minimally decorated. Although hugely popular amongst house parties and marquee events, mood lighting can also be used in all types of venues.